Behind the scenes, making of Tina The Rock Legend

Tina The Rock Legend’ European Tour Promo Video

TINA The Rock Legend (Season 2) / The Opening Film

Sonia Strong 1 min Director Reel

Sonia has worked within the stage/screen industry for many years as a performer then crossed over to work behind the scenes as a music producer and artistic director. She has a unique style when leading a creative project and works on a freelance basis.

Sonia wrote and directed the Tina Turner musical that toured Germany for 3 months receiving outstanding reviews from the press. Her role included working alongside the executive producers, writing the running order and narration of the show, compiling the set list for on stage live musicians, artistically working alongside the choreographer and D.O.P, providing stage direction, storyboarding for film production for the onstage screen, designing the lights, researching costumes and mastering the music.

TINA The Rock Legend (Season 1) / The Opening Film.