Desi Benkenstein Tourmanagement for TINA – The Musical (G/IE)

The success of a touring show depends on many aspects, such as a great touring act, suitable advertisement in good time, a perfect selection of venues and a reasonable tour route. Well trained touring staff and a road manager that understands the industry inside and out – but as well it is absolutely necessary to have an outstanding creative team… That applies uniformly all over the world! Working with Sonia our Artistic Director on this production, was a pleasure and especially as she is a creative brain, made this tour production a huge success. All the artists, with whom we worked on this tour, would agree that through Sonia’s entirely abandon for her work its a simple thing to realise her ideas by bringing out the best of everyone. We have to thank Sonia for an incredible show which fascinated the audience wherever we were.

Diane Youdale

Choreographer / EQ Director of Soul Dynamics / Presenter & Broadcaster

Major contemporary TV and Theatre productions in today’s competitive international markets have to offer some thing special.

From the logistics of what’s achievable on production budgets to expansive creative aspects where themes are being brought to reality only limited by the imaginations behind it, Sonia Strong provides the answers with her keen Artistic gift.

After working on a number of International projects as Choreographer and additional Creative Advisor with Sonia there is nothing that cannot be brought to her creative space that holds any barrier to success.
Productions from the briefest of briefs to those heavily specked, are through Multimedia brought to life, on time, in budget and superior to competitors for audiences to rebook year in year out.

Sonia is a visionary to work with as an Artistic Director. She makes the biggest creative challenges a life enhancing experience for all cast, crew and production team alike.

Jose Pereira

Photographer/camera operator/editor

I have worked with Sonia several times now on professional shows that have successfully toured China & Germany. Each time it has been brilliant to be involved in the creative process. Sonia is a born leader and an extreme multi-tasker! She makes the impossible possible & creates pure magic on stage & screen. I admire her work ethic & think she is a new age innovative Director. Her artistic flare is unique & it has been a pleasure to witness her ideas on paper come to life on stage. I hope to work with her again in the very near future.